Youth Baseball and Softball in the Warner Robins area.

Spring ball will register in Jan and Feb. League will play from March-May. All-stars will play from May-July. Teams will typically have two practices a week before the league play starts then play 2 or 3 games a week throughout the season. Teams will play a minimum of 12 games, more depending on number of teams and surrounding parks schedules.

Fall ball will register in August with practices in games being played in September and November. This league focuses more on player development and knowledge. It allows players the option to continue playing baseball during the typical off season. Practices and games are reduced to allow players the option to play football as well.

Wee Ball

Ages 3 and 4. This is a fundamentals and development league where the players learn the basics of hitting, fielding, and running the bases. These games are typically played on Saturdays and have 1-2 practices a week throughout the season.


Ages 5 and 6. This is also known as the tee-ball league. Players in this learn will begin advancing basic skills. Coaches will throw pitches to aid players in learning eye/hand skills and hitting for the next levels. Tees will be used after a set number of pitches are thrown. The 6u age group will have an all-star team selected that will participate in tournaments throughout the state.


Ages 7 and 8. This is the coach pitch age group. Players continue learning and developing baseball skills. This level will focus on proper technique and ensuring all players have a solid foundation for future levels of play. This group will have an all-star team selected that will be able to compete in district, state, and possibly regional tournaments.


Ages 9 and 10. This is known as the kid pitch age group. Players in this group begin pitching and stealing bases. This add a whole new level of excitment and joy to baseball. The players will learn proper pitching methods and be closely monitored with pitch limits and rest windows. All-stars will again be selected to represent WRNL at district, state, and beyond levels of competition.


Ages 11 and 12. Players in this group are now allowed to lead off bases and steal bases earlier in the at-bat. Again we focus on ensuring the basic skills are known and perfected and build from there. All-stars will be selected to compete against other area teams in the district, state, and other tournaments.


This age group will be divided up based on the number of players available. This league is geared towards getting players ready for middle school, JV, and Varsity level squads. Teams will compete against other WRNL teams and possibly other surrounding counties teams.


Softball will be offered in similar age groupings based on the number of available girls to play. Any girl wishing to play baseball is welcome at any age level mentioned above.

Special Note

Players wishing to play up age groups will be accomodated whenever possible. Players may play down in certain instances as well. Please contact a board member to discuss any options / desires you may have.